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Trophea was born when a team of marketing and food experts joined forces in order to bring to life their shared vision: To create the best brand of exceptional greek food products and introduce it to the world. 

The name Trophea was inspired by 2 greek words:

  • Τροφή (Trophi) which means food and
  • Τρόπαια (Tropea) which means trophies

Trophea combines in one word what we stand for: Award-winning Greek Food.

Trophea’s strength is expertise. Products are selected and tested by our food experts - pioneer producers and deli owners themselves with more than 75 years of family experience in the food industry. We partner with the best small/medium independent food producers from every part of Greece, who create top quality, award-winning products in a traditional way. We provide a modern twist through product research, targeted positioning and premium packaging and design. We then promote our products in specialty stores worldwide.

Welcome to Trophea.