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Our passion defines us. Our philosophy and our vision are founded upon our passion for 3 things: 

Our passion for great food

For us it is very simple. Food is great when it is Healthy and Tasty. Unfortunately nowadays these two meanings are often contradictory, however in the Greek way of life, health and taste complement each other. It is our tradition to consume natural, fresh and tasty food. We are proud of our Mediterranean legacy and we want to share our passion for great food.

Our passion for the

unique traditional products of Greece

We have grown up with unique flavors and aromas from our grandmother’s kitchen and garden. We remember the texture of extra virgin olive oil on freshly baked bread, the full taste of handmade feta cheese, the healing sip of wild mountain herbs tea on a winter morning. We were taught early on to understand and appreciate the value of extraordinary ingredients and traditional production. This is what led us to look for and partner with the best independent small/medium food producers around Greece. Our team of product sourcing experts discovered unique culinary gems around Greece which can now be shared with the rest of the world.

Our passion for a fair and honest way of doing business

We believe that fair business is good business. We build strong relationships with all our partners, based on mutual respect, openness and honesty. Our focus is on long term value creation – not short term profit – and a fair distribution across all parties involved. This conscious business mentality is translated into action through our "Trade Trophy" initiative.