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To promote the unique advantages of Greek food worldwide through the creation of a superior quality brand, focusing on sustainable growth of all parties involved.

Our vision is based upon our passion and guides our decisions. There are 3 core values in our vision:

Unique Quality

We are looking for superior quality products, but this is not enough. Uniqueness is paramount.  All Trophea products have unique advantages ranging from their origin, the production process, the taste, the ingredients used. Unique quality is what drives us to support product innovation, to challenge our production partners and to constantly test new products for our portfolio.

Ethos & Sustainability

Ethos guides our decisions. It is a word that includes Respect, Trust, Compassion, Honesty and Collaboration.

Professional Ethos leads to value creation instead of short term profit maximization. Our goal is to maximize the cumulative value for all parties involved with Trophea – suppliers, employees, partners, customers and the societies in which we operate in. We believe that this strategy will lead to a healthy and sustainable growth in the long term.

Greek Origin as a competitive advantage

Surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, with very special climate conditions and a blessed soil, Greece has a lot of outstanding food products to offer to the world. So far, true culinary gems have remained ‘hidden’ locally. We strongly believe in the unique advantages of greek products and we opt to create a brand platform to share these products with the rest of the world.