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Every visitor or user of the website should read and study carefully the following terms, before visiting and using the web page and in case of disagreement he must restrain from making any further use. By accessing, browsing and/or using this site you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. If you do not agree with these terms, do not use this site. The following terms of use apply for the whole content of our website.

TROPHEA PREMIUM GREEK FOOD LIMITED PARTNERSHIP (hereinafter “Trophea”) may at any time to amend the terms and conditions of use, and users / visitors are required each time to check for possible changes and if still using allegedly accept the amended terms and conditions. Otherwise must refrain from the use / visit the website

License and site access

Access to Trophea website is granted only for the purpose of accessing the services provided. Under no circumstances may any individual alter any part of the website. No part of this site may be reproduced for any reason, nor may any parts of the site be displayed anywhere apart from unless written permission has been granted by Trophea, including logos, trademarks, or registrations. You are granted access to Trophea under the condition that you will not interfere, or attempt to interfere with any of the content.

Copyright and industrial property rights

Except as otherwise provided (intellectual property right of third parties, partners and bodies, and the intellectual property rights on the source code, that belongs to the company that has created the website) all its content, including all website’s files, are intellectual property, registered trademarks and services’ and products’ trademarks of Trophea and are protected according to the relevant articles of the Greek legislation, the European law and the international conventions. Consequently, all the abovementioned are provided for personal, non commercial use, under the prerequisite that you maintain the notes concerning creator’s rights and other relative rights of intellectual property, that are included in the authentic material, in all copies of that material and of course it forbidden to change the material of the website in any way or reproduction or public exhibition, or performance or upload or distribution or any use for commercial or other purposes. The rest products and services that are mentioned in the web pages of the present web site and have the logo of the relevant bodies, companies, partners, partnerships or editions, constitute their copyright and industrial property right.

Privacy and security

The management and protection of personal data of the visitor / user of our web site is governed by the terms of this and the relevant provisions of both the Greek Law and the European Law.

The personal information (names, addresses, etc.) that may be collected never disclosed to third parties (except where provided for by law and only to the competent authorities), but safeguard their personal character. The website maintains your records exclusively for communication purposes, statistical and improvement of our services.

Moreover, in the case of “links” to other sites, our web site is not responsible for the management and protection of personal data they follow.

In any case the user / visitor of our web site has the option after contact with the competent department and determine the existence of his / her personal record to apply to remove, repair or change his / her data.

Limitations of liability does not warrants and therefore is not liable but tries to provide the maximum possible effort to ensure that all information and content to be governed by the maximum precision, clarity, temporal proximity, completeness, accuracy and availability. is not responsible for any damage caused to any visitor / user in connection of this use of our website. The in no way guarantees the uninterrupted and without errors provision of services and content, nor even the lack of “virus”, whether in the, either to another site or server through which you receive the content. User /Visitor that uses the services or our web site must do so in accordance to law, moral consideration and the present terms and not proceed to acts or omissions that can cause harm to the function of the web site or to intellectual property rights of third parties.

Exclusion of advices

Anything given to users / visitors through our website is not in any way, directly or indirectly, encouragement, advice or encouragement to perform any act but left to the discretion of the users / visitors to evaluate what they receive and act based on their private desire, to the exclusion of any of our own responsibility.

“Links” to other sites

Our web site is not responsible for the content and services of other sites to which it refers through “links”, hyperlinks, neither guarantees their availability. Problems arise during the visit / use of web sites to which we refer is solely the responsibility of the respective sites, where you ought to be obtained. The reference to other sites is to facilitate our users and in no way does not create any sort of commitment to anyone.

Applicable law and other conditions

The use of a particular contract is governed by the provisions of Greek law, directives and regulations of the European Law and the relevant international provisions.

If any item deemed to be against the law and therefore null and void or voidable, it ceases to have effect, without in any way affect the validity of other conditions. No modification of the terms of this contract will not be taken into account and be a part of it, if not expressed in writing and has been integrated into it. Jurisdiction for any differences in connection to that convention is the courts of Greece.