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Trade Trophy is an initiative inspired by our passion and our values. It is a unique profit sharing system that aims to actively reward and support our production partners.

At the end of the year, a significant part of the Trophea profit, returns as a bonus to the production partner. This bonus is not collected in cash, but it is invested by Trophea in the improvement of the production process. The investment can include new equipment, research and development on new or existing products, improvement in the production facilities etc.

Trade Trophy contributes to the long term growth of Trophea and provides us with significant competitive advantages:

  • We build long lasting professional relationships based on trust.
  • We ensure a constant level of quality in our products.
  • We enhance our product portfolio with new products through R&D.
  • We attract the best producers around Greece.
  • We reward a job well done, setting an example for a new win win relationship in the sector.